Assessment and Promotion Rules

Assessment and Promotion Rules

100% attendance mandatory for all the assessments held, failing which the student gets a zero. Consideration given only on genuine medical grounds at the sole discretion of the Principal after the submission of relevant medical documents by the parents on the day of exam at the school office. There is no provision to leave the school after the completion of exams even on medical grounds. Taking the child home after the exam will result in a zero in that particular exam.

Attendance record of minimum 90% in each term is compulsory. Any exception will be under the sole discretion of the school. However, absence beyond 20% of the working days is not accepted even on medical grounds.

There is no provision for reassessing the students who remain absent on the day of assessment or the ones who failed in one or more subjects. Request for change in the date or time of assessments will not be entertained.

No extra time is provided for the students who report late for the assessment for the completion of the test.

Unfair Means: Students found using any unfair means during any of the assessment, will be given a zero in that subject. Parents and the concerned student will be summoned and asked to provide an explanation. A repeat of such action in future will result in the prompt issue of a Transfer Certificate, without notice.

Students found using any unfair means during any of the assessments will be given a zero in that particular subject. Parents will be informed of such practices and repeat of such actions despite counseling will result in the issue of Transfer certificate.

The answer scripts of the weekly assessments will be distributed after evaluation to the students one week after the exams. Student is expected to bring to the notice of the teacher mistakes in totaling, unmarked answers etc., if any on the same day. Delay would result in the ignoring the same while preparing the final result.

Request for the issue of progress report before the declaration of the results will not be entertained.

A duplicate of the report card (if lost/damaged) shall be issued on the payment of Rs.500/-

Promotion Criteria

Classes Nursery–VIII: Attendance less than 90% and not able to cope up with the syllabus resulting in low grades in assessments of a particular class in a session, may result in detention in the same class, after mutual consent of parents and school authorities.