Fee Payment

Fee Payment

Payment Of Fees

Fees should be paid in three installments.

Mode of payment: Cheque / Cash / Bank Transfer/debit & credit swipe

Kindly note the dates of installments

Fees paid after the due date may attract a late fee.

Fee Can Be Paid At One Time Or Maximum Of Three Installments. The Details Are As Follows:
I Installments II Installments
Before 30th June
Before 31th September
Mode Of Payment

Fees can be paid online through our website, either by net banking or Debit/Credit card *(For login ID and password, parents may contact to school office).

All fee are payable in advance either by cash or Cheque.

The student’s name will be struck off if the fee is not paid on respective due dates.

The student may be readmitted only at the discretion of the principal on payment of all arrears.

Fees can be deposited in advance for any number of installments or for the full session if desired.

The date of presentation of the Cheque will be treated as date of payment, provided, the Cheque is not dishonoured.

Any Cheque returned by the bank will be treated under the category of non-payment of fees and legal action will be taken against the person and fee will be recovered with amount of fine.

In case of any doubt regarding the payment of dues, parents/guardians are advised to make the payment first and seek the refund later.

Parents are requested to provide particulars such as Name, Class, Section, and Admin. No, of the student while depositing the fee.

If the students are admitted after the beginning of the session, fees will be realized on a pro-rata basis.

The admit card for the exam will be issued to the student only after the dues are cleared for the term.

School Policies

Self – discipline is the forte of the school.

The school begins at 9:00 AM for the students. All students are expected to reach school before the bell rings. After 8:45 the school gates will be closed.

Students should maintain cleanliness and hygiene within the school campus. Littering is prohibited.

Students should observe polite civil behaviour. Ragging, Screaming or use of unparliamentary language is forbidden.

IDPS constitutes a family of students from various communities, religious and linguistic groups. The medium of instruction and communication is English in the school campus, Bus.

The school is not responsible for any loss of student’s belongings in the premises.

Under no pretext should a student miss any teaching/ games/ activity period.

Students should not leave the premises during school working hours.