School Infirmary

School Infirmary

The School Infirmary is looked after by a qualified nurse. Medical check-ups of students are regularly carried out and a record is maintained. Parents are requested not to send sick children to school for attending classes or appearing for examinations. This is in the interest of the child and at times his/her classmates, as well. Medical Certificates must be submitted so that the child’s results are not affected. Annual health check ups are conducted by the school.

This is important so that they –
  • Maintain personal hygiene such as trimming of nails and being neat on a regular basis.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Sleep for at least eight hours daily.
  • Have a balanced diet, nutritionally rich.
  • Drink water which is either boiled or filtered. All students are advised to bring their own water bottles from home.
  • Avoid consumption of ice-creams, other milk products and eatables from road-side vendors and kiosks.

All children should also be:

  • Dewormed at least once every year, on the advice of the family physician.
  • Have a dental and ophthalmic check-up once every year by a well qualified dental surgeon and ophthalmologist.
  • Should be Immunized as per the schedule given.

Students suffering from infectious diseases such as Conjunctivitis, Dermatitis, Scabies, etc. should not be sent to school until they have fully recovered. Parents are also advised to keep the school infirmary informed (medical / health problem which may have developed during the academic year. The medical history of the student must be filled up by the parents in the space provided in the almanac. “Parents are not supposed to send medicines along with the child without prior permission from the the Principal / Head Mistress.”
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